The secret of Gordon Ramsay for a juicy steak

How to cook tasty and juicy steak

The secret of Gordon Ramsay for a juicy steakPreparation:

Tasty and juicy steak – favorite for the millions of people worldwide. But why sometimes is going wrong? Why in the home is difficult to prepare like they serve it in the restaurant?

We will present a few tips that world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay gives to prepare the perfect steak.


It is important that the pan in which you cook your steak is heavy – use Iron. The heavier and massive is the better will distributed the temperature on the stove. Thereby cooking the meat is full because the metal of the pan is not distorted.


Ramsey advises selecting the right fat for cooking. According to him, cooking with peanut butter gives very mild flavor, and is resistant to high temperatures.

We used to hear how tasty it steak, fried in butter. Gordon Ramsay advises never to use oil for steak unless it is beef. He uses oil at the end of cooking, not in the beginning.

Marinade or seasoning

Leave the steak in the marinade for several hours – before cooking is recommended. (advice for marinade)

Coriander, salt, and pepper are a favorite among top chef spices. Half a teaspoon of each spice is sufficient for the marinade.

Salt has the ability to keep the juices in the meat so it does not become too dry.

Balsamic vinegar, honey, and mustard are the other three spices which give an incredibly mild flavor of the steak.


It takes an average of 2 to 5 minutes on each side to prepare steak. Note that the stove must have a high temperature.

If you love rare – cook on each side for about 1 and ½ – 2 ½ and minutes.

If you love your steak medium rare – cook on each side for 3 and ½ – 4 minutes.

If you love well-baked steak – cook 4 to 5 minutes on each side.

Let the steak to rest

Always let the steak to rest. Do not serve immediately. It takes about 10 minutes the meat to relax in the pan before serving. So the juices are reabsorbed, and the meat becomes tender and juicy again.

The secret of Gordon Ramsay for a juicy steak