The strength of seawater – Thalassotherapy

The strength of seawater - ThalassotherapyThe word thalassotherapy comes from the Greek “Talas” – sea and “therapy” – treatment. This is the most natural of known methods of natural medicine. It is to use the healing properties of seawater bioclimatic conditions of the coast, exercise and balanced diet.

The first thalasso therapist was Hippocrates. He heard the story of a sailor who injured his hand in the sea, but despite that long made their way to shore, the wound is not sore. Great Greek concluded that seawater prevents infection and cope with the pain.

Since then he began to recommend compresses seawater. Thalassotherapy became very popular in England in the seventeenth century. And appeared in France in the nineteenth century. Today, thanks to its positive influence on the body, thalassotherapy is one of the most popular types of recreation.

In which diseases helps thalassotherapy?

arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, radiculitis
injuries to the tendons, sore joints and muscles
disorders of the neuroendocrine system
enhances immunity
venous insufficiency
skin diseases – psoriasis, neurodermatitis (when not aggravated)
gynecological and sexual disorders
Cosmetic effects of thalassotherapy:

Improves skin tone

increases the resistance of the veins in varicose
remove excess weight
remove cellulite
It has a rejuvenating effect

Thalassotherapy is invaluable at:


The strength of seawater - Thalassotherapy