Natural Sources Of Probiotics For Vegans

Natural Sources Of Probiotics For VegansProbiotics are very important for health. They maintain the balance in the digestive system as it stimulates the immune. The good bacterias improve defense mechanisms of the body and protect against infections, inflammation, and other diseases.

One of the best sources of probiotics is yogurt. Of course, it is not only yogurt rich in beneficial bacteria food.

If you are a vegan, however, yogurt and dairy products do not come into your diet. How then can get probiotics?

Sour cabbage

Sauerkraut is a great source of probiotics suitable for vegans. The acidic foods contain large amounts of good bacteria, which make them extremely useful.


Kombucha contains acid bacteria that cause fermentation processes. So drink is saturated with natural probiotics from which you can benefit whether you’re vegan or not.


The olives are rich in probiotics. They are also loaded with omega-3 fatty acid, which makes them extremely useful for cardiovascular health and in the fight against diabetes, obesity and eye disorders.


Pickles are delicious, rich in probiotics and fiber. Eat freely pickles and any other fermented vegetable delicacies. Recipes for home pickles you can see here.

Sourdough bread

Bread with sourdough is very tasty. It is made with specially prepared yeast containing in themselves live bacteria. They catalyze the fermentation process and thus cause the rising process of the dough.