Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Anyone can learn to cook with this book with the culinary expert like Jamie Oliver.

Jamie's Ministry of FoodIf you thought that you would never learn to cook, then believe me that thanks to these recipes, accompanied by numerous photos you will soon create some very tasty dishes. This book will change your life because you will save money, enjoy cooking and your family and friends will start to eat healthier. Anyone can learn to cook.
And once you learn to cook, why not pass your new skills to family and friends? Start today: learn the recipe and then PASS IT ON!

What is the Ministry of food?

During the First World War and shortly afterward there was a serious shortage of food and many starved. So when the World War II start, the government knew that they had to do something to prevent this from happening, so they establish the Ministry of food. It was created for two main reasons: to ensure that everywhere is enough food and to meet with the public benefits of proper nutrition so all can be healthy and fit for military service. Ministry of food employees was sent to people jobs, in factories, in aristocratic clubs, local markets. This was achieved by simply mobilized thousands of women who can cook, then shipped them all over the country to transmit knowledge and skills for society. So people can be learned how to use their feed rations properly and improve their diets and quality of life.

Today we face a modern war with deteriorating health and the increasing rate of obesity in the world population. Despite the recession and a large number of credits, we all have to learn how to prepare simple, nutritious, economical, delicious and healthier food. And once acquired this knowledge must pass them on – family, friends, and colleagues to expand the circle.

What’s the plan?

In the book “Ministry of Food” the author states that he wants each of us to engage personally with the initiative to further and promise to learn one recipe from each category. He recommended to improve them home, and then transmit them further and learn more at least two people (preferably even four) to prepare. The success of this initiative is necessary to make people promise that they, in turn, will pass on what they have learned.

Why is it necessary to pass on?

The truth is that currently one of the most serious problems in the world is related to nutrition and healthy eating. But this time, it is not related to food shortages but to excessive consumption of harmful foods. It is important to take urgent action!

Quality food and good eating habits are not a sign of sophistication, everyone can eat well, regardless of the budget we have, but only if you know how to cook.

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Jamie's Ministry of Food