Foods to Avoid With High Cholesterol

Foods to Avoid With High CholesterolWe know cholesterol is harmful but mostly damages the heart. Therefore, it is important how we eat, to reduce cholesterol and all related heart disease and cardiovascular system.

Scientists say there is a direct link between cholesterol and the food we consume.

Limit your consumption of foods rich in cholesterol.

The richest cholesterol foods are:
goose liver
meat from the breast of lamb, calf

The poorest cholesterol foods are:
fruits and vegetables
low-fat yogurt

Here are a few tips:
– Eat less saturated fats – red meat, dairy products, ready meals
– Eat more unsaturated fat – oil, fish, nuts
– Replace butter with olive oil
– Eat more fiber
– Replace full-fat dairy products with low-fat
– Do not eat more than 2-4 eggs per week.

Important – cholesterol is found exclusively in a food of animal origin.

Foods to Avoid With High Cholesterol