Foods that must be eaten raw

Foods that must be eaten rawAny natural food product has its nutrients that we take through consumption. We know that the more fresh and healthy are products made, the absorption by the body will be better.

But there are some foods that must be eaten raw, because of any heat treatment, including the strangling of steam, degrades important compounds in them.

Who are they?


Garlic seasoning is present in thousands of recipes for the preparation of cooked dishes. It is endowed with lots of nutrients because of what is often called a natural antibiotic.

It contains important antioxidant – allicin, which is very powerful in preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Other beneficial substances in garlic remain intact after cooking, but not particularly allicin. It is, therefore, necessary to consume fresh. If you put it in dishes, cut it into pieces 45 minutes before cooking. Thus allicin lasts more garlic writes


Onions, like garlic, is extremely useful. It’s amazing juices contain powerful antioxidants that improve overall health and prevent dangerous malignant processes.

Such organic compounds, however, are destroyed by a heat treatment, especially at higher temperatures, and is therefore well onions to be consumed together with fresh salads, and not cooked.

Red peppers

If you want to deliver large amounts of vitamin C – the red pepper is the way. It is the richest in this vitamin in vegetables. Vitamin C is not resistant to heat and is disconnected when cooking.

We all love juicy red stuffed peppers, but it is helpful to eat them raw because you will get the full range of nutrients in them.


Spinach is rich in iron and vitamin C. For vitamin C is now clear that apart too easily at high temperatures.

Iron, calcium, magnesium, which are also contained in the fresh spinach do not undergo heat treatment. Therefore it is better to eat spinach as a salad. Will rediscover his incredible taste!


For broccoli have heard that it is better not to cook and especially why people cook them boiled or steamed. Well, we have bad news – even in this type of processing broccoli lose their nutritional value!

To take advantage of nutritional resources must eat them raw. The compound sulforaphane, which is strongly against cancer cells act only if broccoli is raw.


Fruits, of course, is best eaten raw because vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in them suffer from the heat treatment. However, much of the fruit is accepted in the form of sweet desserts, baked goods, compotes.

If you want to load yourself with a real vitamin bomb – eat fresh fruit!