Food, Fighting With Wrinkles And Aging

Aging not only the skin but also the body

Food, Fighting With Wrinkles And AgingNo lady wants to grow old. Today are possible all sorts of treatments to slow aging, but we are going to show you some superfoods with proven beneficial effects on aging.

Who are they?


The bright red color of strawberries is due to the flavonoids in them. These phytochemicals are strong antioxidants, fighting with aging on the skin and the whole organism. Not surprisingly, strawberries are used in many cosmetic products and homemade face masks.


Blueberries, like strawberries, are incredibly rich in antioxidants. A handful of these tasty little fruits a real vitamin bomb struggling not only with aging but also with tumor processes in cells. Be sure to add blueberries to your diet.


Lycopene in tomatoes helps to smooth skin and delays wrinkles. Tomatoes have the antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause aging and malignant changes in cells. Tomatoes also have UV-protection, making them more useful for the skin.


In eggs are all necessary nutrients for a survival of the organism. Aging is not the only process of wrinkle formation in the skin. It’s much more than that because it affects vital organs and systems in the body that also are aging prematurely.

Eggs decreased the risk of early cataract formation and macular degeneration of the eye, typical of older age people. Masks with eggs make skin and hair incredibly enriched and nourished.


Turmeric has many beneficial substances acting Anti-aging. Dishes with turmeric reduces the risk of unlocking the Alzheimer’s disease because it prevents accumulation of plaques in the cerebral vessels.

It has a similar effect not only on the blood vessels in the brain but also on other important vessels in the body. Turmeric lowers blood cholesterol, prevents accumulation on the walls of the central vessels and reduces the risk of heart attack.

Furthermore, the antioxidants it slows the aging process, making the skin smooth and glowing.


Garlic is rich in powerful anti-inflammatory substances for which is known as a natural antibiotic. The antioxidants and enzymes in the garlic tend to inhibit the accumulation of cholesterol in the vessels and hardening of their walls. Inflammation in the body have a direct relationship with its aging, as well as that of the skin, so eat more garlic.

Food, Fighting With Wrinkles And Aging