Do not dump the peel from oranges!

Orange peel eliminates bad breath

Do not dump the peel from oranges!Everyone has their little tricks, which eliminates stress, makes his home cozier or add more beauty to their everyday life.

In the form of juices or fresh whole orange, this fruit began more actively present in our way of eating. We all know how useful is orange, but not all we thought about the crust that we throw away as soon as you peel. So eat it, but before you throw away the bark, see what you can do!

Here are my suggestions:

Home comfort

You could use orange peel as a home fragrance. Peel several oranges, put them in a saucepan and add water, add a few cinnamon sticks. Allow the water to boil. So scent in the room will change and will help you eliminate stress if you have one.

They are useful for hair

Wash several orange peels and let it stand for several hours in water. Then rub the liquid into the roots. This procedure will say goodbye to dandruff and you will have a shiny and healthy hair.

Face mask

Wash the rind of an orange and gently rub your face with it. This will give freshness to your skin.

Against mosquito

If you do not have anything against mosquito bites, the easiest would be to rub the pre-soaked orange peel on your skin.

For healthy nails

Soaked in water, orange peel is perfect for the procedure, which will strengthen your nails. Get soaked sheets and rub them nicely on your nails.

Bad breath

If you suffer from bad breath, you could chew orange peel for few minutes.


If you suffer from a hangover and you can not put anything in your mouth, here’s the solution! Make a healing potion from orange peel. Boil them and add one teaspoon of salt. Drink the liquid once is cool.

Bad smell in the refrigerator

If your refrigerator smells bad we will propose the following. Eat an orange and place the peel in the refrigerator overnight, and it will take the bad smell.