Apples and almonds – why we have to eat them?

Apples and almonds - why we have to eat themNutrition is vital to our health. Providing energy and important nutrients boost all important processes in the body by preventing malignant changes in cells.

Many nutritionists advise that the food has to enter our body in small portions at intervals of 4-5 hours. Meals must be tailored to individual needs. Light snacks are also important because through them we prevent sudden jumps in the blood sugar, they add energy to the body and limiting weight gain.

The combination of apples and almonds is a great option for the snack because they will satiate you for a long time and will fuel the body properly.

See why!


Both products contain very large quantities of fiber. Apples and almonds are rich in fiber as the combination of them make the feeling of hunger stay away from you during the day, and preventing you from reaching for junk food.

Fibers help to facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract, delaying the digestion to a rate suitable for the thorough degradation of food particles.

Fiber is crucial for maintaining hormonal balance, processing, and breakdown of fats in the right way and as a result – the release of the necessary work for cell energy.

The combination of apples and almonds protects against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive problems, jumps in blood sugar levels.


Fat contained in almonds are useful and essential to the operation of the cells. Unsaturated fatty acids in almonds facilitate the production of hormones from endocrine glands by helping to the reduction of accumulated fat.

Apples and the useful in them carbohydrates does help perform these processes. They contribute to the effect of fiber and fat breakdown. Pectin in apples has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system as dramatically lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Apples and almonds are a combination importing explosion of vitamins in the body. In the apples are contained large amounts of vitamin C and E, while almonds dominate with vitamins of group B.

These vitamins play an important role in the immune system, good processing of the received meals with other substances, strengthening the cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive systems.