Anise and its properties against wrinkles

Anise and its properties against wrinklesWant to prevent early wrinkles and skin imperfections? Do not rush to put botox or undergoing painful beauty treatments. You can achieve the effect of beautiful and young skin only by a single herb. And it’s anise!

Anise is very well known as a means of forging different types of alcohol. Greek ouzo, some vermouth, and liqueurs prepared with this spice.

But there are many significant beneficial properties for health and beauty of skin. It is used both in cosmetics and in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of various drugs, especially those for a relief of infections in the upper respiratory tract.

This wonderful herb has a strong anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobial effect due to the presence of the active ingredient anethole. It has an estrogen-like effect, which has a favorable effect on reproductive problems in women.

The essential oil of anise can be applied to the skin. It helps deeply hydrating and smoothing imperfections. The skin becomes soft, smooth, shiny and healthy. So wrinkles will appear at a much later stage.

Moreover, any antibacterial properties aniseed will protect the skin and acne and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Anise represents an annual plant. You can do planting each year, as propagated by seeds. The whole plant can be used – as essential oils and seeds, roots, leaves, stem. It is great for watching on the balcony or in the garden.

Used successfully in cooking as a seasoning. Spice is suitable for stews, salads, baked dishes, meats, soups. Anise can be prepared and as a tea.

Taking it with food, and in combination with the external application on the skin will have a youthful appearance, because your face will shine from the beneficial properties of anise.