5 surprising uses of aspirin

5 surprising uses of aspirinWhen you feel discomfort, most often we take aspirin. It appears that aspirin has a number of other applications. For what else you can use it, see the following lines?

Bites and stings from insects

Bites and stings from insects often cause itching, pain, and swelling. Besides vinegar, another quick remedy that you can apply to the affected area is a paste of aspirin and water.

After apply let it dry out and fall alone. This care is done several times a day. Of course, if you have difficulty breathing, should seek immediate medical assistance.

Restoring hair color

Do you like to swim? If your hair is bright streaks of blond, you should know that it is possible after a workout swim to change the light color (due to chemicals in the water), becoming slightly greenish or bluish.

Aspirin can help you regain your previous hair color. In a nice cup of hot water dissolve 8 tablets aspirin solution and rub gently in her hair. After 10-15 minutes to wash with an appropriate shampoo.

removes pimples

Acne and pimples before and during the menstrual cycle and ovulation are unpleasant and sometimes difficult to remove. Pasta with aspirin proven to improve drying of buds while reducing redness and soothe skin.

Make a paste of crushed aspirin and some water. Optionally, you can replace the water with a decoction of chamomile or rosemary. Place the paste on pimples and after 10 minutes rinse with clean water. If necessary, do a few days in a row procedure.

Helps with corns

Despite regular care heels and hands, sometimes going gets a tough skin to thicken and get hard calluses. Aspirin has the ability to soften rough skin, which will make it the easier removal of calluses.

Make a paste of aspirin with a little water and lemon juice. Apply door on toes, cover with the warm towel (you can melt it in the microwave) and replace nylon. After 20-30 minutes calluses should be softer. Then you can remove them more easily with pumice or special curette for corns.

Apply in dandruff

Dandruff is sometimes stubborn and sometimes appears occasionally. To control it, once a week or a month (if less frequently manifests itself as a problem) add to shampoo 1-2 crushed aspirin tablets.