32 amazing benefits of tomatoes

32 amazing benefits of tomatoesTomatoes are fruits that have been adopted for vegetables and are often used to prepare many different dishes. Used in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes worldwide. Known use is in pizzas, sandwiches, and cocktails. This widely used fruit provides many nutritional benefits for health and is preferred in many cultures.

The plant is cultivated by the Aztecs. It is brought by the Spaniards in Europe and gradually has gained immense popularity in all parts of the world.

Health Benefits:

1. stodgy food:

Tomatoes are high in water and are therefore ideal filling food. Tomatoes with their content of water moisturize skin and maintain healthy and shiny. This is one of the main benefits of tomatoes.

2. High in vitamins & nutrients:

A serving of tomato provides almost 20 percent of the required daily intake of vitamins to maintain good health. In tomatoes contain important nutrients for the functioning of the human body, which is another of the benefits of eating them raw and processed state.

3. control the activity of the heart:

Because they are rich in potassium, tomatoes or just one tomato, provides about 237 mg of potassium, which is useful in controlling heart rate and helps prevent heart disease and heart attacks.

4. Prevent eye diseases:

Vitamin A, flavonoids B complex vitamins, thiamine, folic acid, niacin, and the like. in tomatoes help in the treatment of skin and eye diseases.

5. High blood pressure:

Tomatoes are heavily loaded with minerals and nutrients and protect the body from high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

6. They are useful for bones and teeth:

With its high content of calcium, tomatoes strengthen bones and formation in the body. They are also useful for maintaining the health of teeth.

7. reduce free radicals:

Some of the flavonoid antioxidants such as lycopene and zeaxanthin are the most known that counteract free radicals.

8. Anticancer action:

Antioxidant action of this vegetable helps to prevent adverse reactions in the lung, colon, and breast, which are carcinogenic. Antioxidants help in the treatment of cancer by preventing carcinogenic effects in the body, they stop by blocking the further spread of free radicals.

9. helps restore cells and building muscle:

Tomatoes are the naturally rich source of useful for the recovery of cells and building muscle protein.

10. Less fat:

Other essential nutrients in tomatoes include 4 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram protein, 18 calories and 0 grams of saturated fat. This vegetable can be eaten in significant quantities because of low levels of calories in them.

Tomatoes: benefits for skin

In addition to cooking, the tomatoes may be used in a number of ways for embellishment. It is believed that the tomato is a panacea for the skin. It is believed that eating tomato products makes the skin healthy and beautiful.

Some of them are:

11. Tomatoes are very effective for the treatment of enlarged pores. Add four drops of juice from the tomatoes in 1 tablespoon water and apply on your face using a cotton swab. Gently massage the skin and leave for 15 minutes. Regular application of this mixture will shrink the pore size.

12. Tomatoes are not only an important part of a healthy diet but also do wonders when applied topically to the skin. The application of tomato juice or rub the skin with tomato halves evens skin tone and restores radiance, giving the healthy appearance of the skin. Tomatoes contain high amounts of vitamin C, which is known in that refreshes the skin.

13. The oil from tomato seeds is the latest addition to the natural oils used as a basis in cosmetics and is excellent for the treatment of several skin diseases. It is loaded with a substance that fights free radicals and the signs of aging. Tomato seed oil is used for the treatment of mild to severe skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. It is useful for the treatment of dry and damaged skin. Use the moderate amount of oil on the affected areas of skin. Leave it overnight and rinse the next day. You can also add it to the buttercreams for the face, moisturizers, and scrubs, to keep your skin soft and smooth.

14. Vitamins A and C are often contained in many medicines and ointments for acne. The high acidity in tomatoes helps to treat rashes and acne. If you suffer from small pimples on the face, cut the tomato into two halves and rub the face with the interior. If you suffer from serious problems with acne, fresh tomato peel and mash to a purée. Apply gruel on your face and leave to work an hour. Rinse and dry. Use this mask regularly to get rid of unwanted tan and buds.

15. The increased production of sebum (mucus producing sebaceous glands in the skin) leads to blockage of the pores, which causes acne, accumulation of dirt and even irregular skin color. Squeeze juice from 2 tomatoes and add 4 tablespoons of cucumber juice. Apply this toner every day on your skin with a cotton swab to control excess oil and shine and unclog pores.

16. Tomatoes and tomato products allow the skin to absorb oxygen and prevent the signs of aging. They provide incredibly natural treatment of the skin, giving a more youthful and healthy looking skin with less effort.

17. According to various studies, tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which acts as a natural sunscreen agent. This provides skin protection from strong UV rays.

18. The extract of tomato commonly used in the rich oil for massage of the body to remove the visible signs of stress on the skin. Tomato extract is also used in eye creams, which, among other key ingredients gives the eyes a fresh, revitalized appearance.

19. The astringent properties of tomatoes make them an excellent choice for combination skin. Mask made from mashed avocado and tomatoes relieves the skin and purify the full to give it a shiny complexion. Apply this mask and wash it off with lukewarm water after 20 to 30 minutes. Tomatoes contain natural astringent properties and reducing fat, while avocado provides an antiseptic and moisturizing effect on the skin.

20. Consuming at least 16 milligrams of lycopene each day reduces the amount of free radicals in the body and gives a youthful appearance of the skin. He fights cell damage and redness of the skin and also retains moisture, thus preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This property of tomatoes makes them incredible, counteracting aging product.

21. Tomatoes are considered natural bleaching agent and are very effective for whitening skin color. Prepare a mask by mixing 1 teaspoon of oat bran, 1 teaspoon of yogurt and 2 teaspoons grated tomato (meat).

22. According to the magazine Prevention, people who consumed 5 tablespoons of tomato paste per day for 3 consecutive months were naturally protected from sunburn. Sunburned skin can be treated and reapply tomatoes on the affected areas. Make a mask by mixing 2 teaspoons grated tomato (meat) with 1 teaspoon of yogurt. Apply to face, neck, hands and feet. Tomatoes cool the skin and yogurt provide an influx of proteins and makes the skin soft and supple.

23. Mix the honey with tomato juice to a thick paste. Apply to face and wash off after 15 minutes for a soft and shiny skin.

24. Tomatoes greatly help eliminate dead skin cells. Grate the tomatoes with seeds and add 1 teaspoon sugar. Apply to face and massage gently in a circular motion. You can also cut the tomatoes in half and sprinkle it with a sugar. Gently rub your skin with it to remove dead skin cells and to get the clean and fresh skin.

Hair Benefits From Tomatoes:

Did you notice that many hair products, including shampoos and conditioners, contain extracts from tomatoes as one of their constituents? This is because tomatoes contain essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C and E, which promote the excellent health of hair. Some of the benefits of tomatoes include hair given below as follows:

25. It is believed that tomatoes are an excellent remedy for hair loss. To prevent hair loss on the scalp Apply grated tomato (meat).

26. Tomatoes are an incredible action of natural balm that obtains such straight from the kitchen. They provide natural shine and make it soft and easy to comb for styling. Apply a few drops of oil on your palms and apply it on your hair. This will act as a balm leave and keep your hair easy to comb, preventing crimping her.

27. Homemade tomato puree makes hair shiny and supple when dry. Mix tomato paste with oil (from tomatoes) and apply on hair. Leave to act 20 minutes and rinse. So your hair will become super soft, shiny and flexible because you took a large amount of protein in itself.

28. Regular swimming often changes hair color because of a large amount of chlorine in swimming pools. Tomatoes much help remove debris hair. Apply fresh tomato juice on the hair and let it act 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with water.

29. Tomato juice acts as a moisturizer for removing odors. Apply freshly squeezed tomato juice on the scalp and rub it in your hair for several minutes. Leave it to act for 30 minutes and then rinse your hair as usual.

30. Moisture in the scalp often decreases in winter, which makes hair dry and brittle and causes her short. So surely nourish your hair with tomatoes. Tomatoes help to retain much-needed moisture in the hair and thus allow it to dry.

31. Tomatoes are very useful in the treatment of itchy scalp and dandruff. Itchy scalp leads to other problems such as eczema and psoriasis of the scalp. Tomatoes contain high amounts of vitamin C, which fights dandruff and provides collagen for proper development of the tissue of the scalp. Take 2 to 3 ripe tomatoes and grate them on thick paste. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and mix until a smooth paste. Apply the mask gently on the scalp. Spread well over the entire scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with water and let it dry.

32. Rinsing your hair with tomato juice can be used to add glamor and remove excessive deposits on the scalp. Take 3 ripe tomatoes, remove the skin and seeds and squeeze the juice. Spray with him the hair and scalp and rinse off after 1 hour.

As we (and according to the US Department of Agriculture), tomatoes contain all the human body nutrients.

Tomatoes provide almost 20 percent of our required intake of vitamins per serving.

The rich content of potassium provides about 237 mg of potassium useful for controlling the heart rate and the damage of the cells.

Tomatoes also contain vitamin A, flavonoids B complex vitamins, thiamine, folic acid, niacin and other

Other essential nutrients in them: 4 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram protein, 18 calories and 0 grams of saturated fat.

Organic tomato juice contains three times more lycopene than inorganic.

You know how to use tomatoes, but heat treatment also increases the amount of lycopene in them.